Winter mindfulness ideas

Make the most of the dark winter evenings and take some time for self-care, after all, ‘tis the season to recharge your batteries by indulging in some mindful activities and exercises.
Winter mindfulness ideas

Don’t let the cold, rainy weather, or the short days and long nights negatively affect your mood – instead, seize this opportunity to cosy up and spend time relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Need some inspiration?  We have collected some of the best ideas to spend your winter mindfully: 

Take in the wintery scenery

Piles of orange leaves, sweet and spicy scents and frosty mornings are the things we love most about winter, making it a wonderfully poetic season. Even as the temperatures drop, on occasions, the sun timidly breaks through the clouds, allowing you to stock up on all that much-needed vitamin D. Enjoy these rare moments and take a long walk in the woods, or by the seaside, and soak up the romantic wintery atmosphere.

An act as simple as walking in nature provides us with many benefits: feelings of calm, happiness, a short rupture with our ultra-connected modern world, inner tranquillity and an abundance of visual and olfactory sensations. So, go for a stroll, making the most of the beautiful wintery landscapes and pay attention to the sensations surrounding you. You will feel the benefits of this light physical activity in many ways.

Pamper yourself at home

Nowadays, the importance of self-care and wellness is getting increasingly recognised. However, pampering and taking care of ourselves is a pleasure which many of us tend to neglect: lack of time, money or ideas.

So why not recreate a spa directly at home? No need to make an appointment, or go out and brave the rain, after all, nothing beats the comfort of your own home. Set up a dedicated area where everything will be ready… For a comfier atmosphere: you can light candles and vaporise your favourite soothing essential oils.

The choice of treatments is endless: manicure, skin exfoliation, hair mask, foot bath, etc. It’s your home, your desires, your tastes, so choose whichever treatments you appreciate the most – there is no need to pick just one! 

Feed your body and soul

Apple pie, lemon drizzle or butternut squash soup, the smells of these delicious seasonal dishes will immediately make your home feel more welcoming.

Cooking is a mindful activity, which allows you to be creative but also provides a focus on simple actions which help you empty your mind from incessant thoughts. It is a good way to improve your positive psychology by cultivating a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction when savouring the results of your work. So, take time to prepare your favourite seasonal dishes, or why not try something new? Consider recipes like a delicious roast pumpkin and spinach lasagne, or even a pear and hazelnut cake? Not only will it do a lot of good for your taste buds, but it will also transform the atmosphere of your home.

Put your thoughts on paper

This time of year can get pretty hectic, so take a break from your busy schedule to reflect and relax. Winter is the ideal time to take stock of what’s going on in your life,: thoughts, worries, ideas and projects so that you are ready to start the new year as you mean to go on!

Find a calming space at home and make yourself comfortable, notebook and pen in hand. Make yourself a delightful seasonal hot beverage, such as hot chocolate and mint topped with marshmallows, or a gingerbread latte. Indulge yourself, as you sit to set your intentions for the months ahead.

Journaling can have several benefits, such as helping you get more organised, encouraging self-expression, boosting creativity and allowing you to clear your head. Writing is instrumental, among other things, to relieve stress and reduce depressive symptoms by helping you to focus more on yourself and your various states of mind. Writing regularly allows you to enjoy a better night’s sleep, more serenely and a head clear of incessant thoughts.

Reorganise and cleanse your space

Forget spring cleaning, it’s time for a winter overhaul. Welcome the arrival of winter with a perfectly organised home – a tidy house equals a tidy mind after all! Feeling comfortable at home during these colder, darker months is very good for your morale. Even consider redecorating your bedroom or living room, ready for the festive season and turn it into a comfortable nest. Start decluttering the rooms by storing and sorting and only keep the things that are useful, or dear to your heart.

Once everything has a place, create a cosy sanctuary by combining layers of soft blankets, silky throws, thick curtains and other fluffy cushions, it will make you feel safe and comfortable. Also, consider your lighting, keep it soft and warm with dimmable lamps, or even place candles around the room for a subtle light and a golden glow. Of course, if you have a fireplace it’s finally the time to light it up again!

Engage hibernate mode

Last, but not least, there really is no better feeling than snuggling up in your cosy idyll bed. Make the most of these long nights and tuck yourself into your favourite place in the house. Sink into your mattress, swathe yourself in your winter duvet and relax your mind and body as you find tranquillity here. It’s important to find a moment of stillness in the busy winter season. Why try to constantly keep busy when you can just unwind in the comfort and warmth of your bed? Sweet dreams.

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