The mindful mattress – a unique in-a-box-mattress with 2000 supportive springs

At idyll, we carefully imagined and designed the mattress of your dreams – one mattress dedicated to helping you drift off in incredible comfort. This isn’t just any ordinary mattress; this is the mindful mattress.
The mindful mattress

What’s so unique about the idyll mattress?


Our hybrid mattress is not like any other mattress, with its exceptional depth of 27cm and 6 individual layers, it was carefully designed with all your needs and desires in mind. Featuring cooling gel-infused memory foam, responsive comfort foam layers and airflow technology (enabled by micro-holes in the foam), each layer works hand in hand to provide you with an unprecedented sleeping experience. But, what makes our mattress truly unique, is the exclusive combination of 1000 pocket springs and 1000 micro springs – a first for an in-a-box-mattresses. 


At only 4.5cm tall, the micro springs provide a superior level of comfort as they adapt perfectly to your body, subtly moulding to your shape. They complement harmoniously the 14cm pockets springs which add outstanding levels of support as they individually respond to support your frame. These two types of spring work together in unison to create an incredibly supportive, yet superbly comfortable mattress.

combination of springs

Take care of you throughout the night


For an uninterrupted night of sleep, the pocket springs gently embrace your body and follow your movements all night long. They work together to keep your spine perfectly aligned no matter which position you like to sleep in. So even if you are one of those people who moves around all night long, our springs will harmoniously follow the movements of your body, providing you with uninterrupted support, greatly reducing shock on your joints. After a night on your idyll mattress, you will wake up feeling fresh and fully rested.


Even though a bad mattress is not the only reason for recurring back pain, if you’re suffering from back issues, the idyll mattress could help alleviate your pain. Investing in the right mattress can go a long way and help your overall comfort. Indeed, a mattress with the right support will minimise muscle activity at night and micro-awakenings, making you less vulnerable to any muscular or joint discomfort you may have experienced when sleeping on other mattresses in the past.


A firm mattress may be better for your back and your spine alignment in general, but too much rigidity on the pressure points of your body might directly impact your joints. It’s necessary to keep a certain softness that our micro-springs bring. This softness will help your body relax in comfort and help you fall asleep easily. While the larger pocket springs provide the necessary support for the main pressure points, the shoulders and hips, keeping your spine aligned through the night.

Key to your mental and physical health


The idyll mattress takes good care of you. No more endless sleepless nights, no more gloomy mornings and you can say goodbye to those heavy under-eye bags. 


Sleep is key to our physical and mental health. If you do not get a restful night’s sleep, you’ll suffer from all kinds of disturbances that soon will have a negative impact on your life. Fatigue can also cause higher stress levels, clumsiness, a greater appetite, duller skin and even sometimes, a depressive state. So, when you want to live your best life, a good night’s sleep is necessary


For all these reasons, we designed the mindful mattress to promote healthy habits and help you live your life to the fullest. With your idyll mattress, you’ll improve the quality of your sleep, helping you feel energised, rested and with peace of mind to start your day. Getting back to your idyll bed at night after a draining and stressful day will be your very own medicine!

Keep your mattress for longer


Your mattress, like any other product, has a lifetime, but there are always ways you can keep your product in pristine condition for longer. The idyll mattress was thoughtfully designed to last, so you’ll be sure to have your idyll mattress for at least ten years.


Thanks to the unique combination of pocket and micro springs the idyll mattress has been engineered to provide unbeatable stability, increasing its longevity and preventing it from sagging. And because we have faith in our mattress, we provide a 10-year guarantee with it. So you can now sleep soundly – idyll has got you covered. 


Choose the idyll mattress and discover a mindful approach to sleep and live your life at its fullest!

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