idyll mattress protector


Our cotton mattress protector cover will keep your mattress fresh and dust-free, while providing extra padding for optimal comfort.


Smooth, soft, pure cotton

Our high-quality mattress cover is made of Percale cotton, to protect your mattress and provide added comfort. There is no need to compromise the comfort of your mattress with our mattress protector, in fact you won’t even know it’s there. Made with a breathable pure cotton filling and a quilted finish, it acts just like a fitted sheet, providing improved softness.

the idyll mattress protector
idyll bed with bedding on it

Fresher for longer

Our mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, but it is still important to protect your mattress from everyday wear and tear. With our simple cotton protector, you can keep your mattress safe from any accidental spills and even dust, prolonging the lifespan of your idyll mattress.

idyll bed with bedding on it

Popular mattress protector FAQ’s

What is the protector made of?

Our protector is 100% natural – combining a Percale cotton cover with a pure cotton filling.

What sizes do you offer and will this fit other mattresses too?

Yes. The protector fits regular UK sizes – Single, Double, King and Super King.

How can I clean my protector?

If you need to clean your mattress protector, don’t worry it’s really easy, just put it in the washing-machine and it will look and smell brand-new again.

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