Cold weather sleeping tips

Longer nights, a slower pace of life and the desire to snuggle up by the fire… Winter is a great time to unwind, recharge the batteries and sleep! It’s been proven that we sleep more when it’s cold, however, the chilly weather can also sometimes disrupt our time of rest. So, whether you’re having a quick nap or a long night’s sleep, how do you sleep well when it is cold?
Cold weather sleeping tips

Don’t be tempted to overheat your bedroom 

To have a comfortable night’s sleep, having a warm bedroom is not recommended. The ideal temperature should be between 17° and 22°C. An overheated room is often the cause of insomnia and frequent awakenings, so even in winter, remember to leave the window ajar and the heating switched off. If getting out of bed is difficult in the morning, place a cosy bathrobe next to your bed so you can warm up quickly. Getting up is never easy, especially when it’s cold outside, but keeping your bedroom cool will definitely help to improve your sleep quality!

Get your bed ready for winter

Never sleep without a good duvet! It is always better to invest in warm bedding than keeping the heating on. Feather and down duvets will maintain your physical warmth without accumulating night-time humidity. Wool and silk duvets are also good solutions, but they are a fairly expensive option. Synthetic duvets are often more affordable and remain a good choice to cosy up and stay snuggled up all night long.

Cosy up in your comfortable pyjamas

Opt for pyjamas in a breathable material that maintains your natural warmth, such as cotton or linen. Avoid sleeping in fleece nightwear – even if they are warm and comfy – they tend to make you overheat at night.

If you’re really sensitive to the cold at night, take some extra precautions. Make sure to cover your extremities, especially your feet! Wearing a pair of soft and comfortable socks will help keep you warm at night, or consider putting a hot water bottle under your sheets at the end of your bed. Make sure to remove this just before you go to sleep so that you don’t burn yourself!

Favour early diners for a peaceful night’s sleep

A big plate of Shepherd’s pie for supper before heading to bed? It sounds tasty, but it is actually a rather bad idea! In winter, our body calls for warm and comforting food, often high in calories and these winter dishes require even more time for your body to digest them. After consuming such a big meal, it’s much harder to fall asleep. So plan your meals ahead and try to dine as soon as you get home from work, to leave your body the necessary time to digest these calorific meals before going to bed.

Do not underestimate the importance of hydration, even in winter

We often tend to think that we don’t need to drink as much when it’s cold outside. But to sleep well when it’s cold, the rule is to stay well hydrated. It’s very unpleasant to wake up with a dry throat and cracked lips. Keep a bottle of fresh water on your bedside table every night so you can keep hydrated all night long… Plus, a simple lip balm applied overnight is an effective solution to avoiding those dreaded winter chapped lips!

Get that much-needed light

In winter, the days are shorter but our body still needs natural light to regulate its biological clock. Depending on your daily activities, it is key to try to expose yourself to as much daylight as possible. If this is a challenge, why not try light therapy? This light treatment can help treat depression and sleep disorders.

On the other hand, when it’s time to go to bed, it is important to turn the light down to give your body the signal that it’s time to sleep. We all make the classic mistake of snuggling under our duvet, smartphone in hand, as we settle down for bed, trying to unwind. However, the blue light of our electronic devices is harmful in the evening, as it delays the melatonin release keeping you awake. If you really want to relax in bed, a good book may be a better solution than endlessly scrolling through your social media feed. In addition to avoiding exposure to blue light, reading in the evening promotes drowsiness and lets your mind rest as you explore a new world, distracting from any negative or incessant thoughts.

The idyll mattress is your ultimate sleep partner all year long. Summer or winter, with our advanced airflow technology the idyll mattress will help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable all night long. So, slip into your favourite pyjamas and snuggle up comfortably in your bed to relax your body and mind – it’s the ultimate winter warmer!

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